Muslims attend Friday prayers on a rainy first day of Ramadan in the courtyard of a housing estate in east London
July, 2012 (Chris Helgren/Reuters) 

Life has much more to give.

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When Obama comes to town
Be careful who you vent to. Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via corivicious)

They look to the likes of Romeo & Juliet leaving the purest love story of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ & Aisha R.A, where he died with his head resting on her chest.
-  Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril

"There’s the three “men of Middle Eastern appearance” who were detained by police at a football match because someone thought the way they were checking their phones was “suspicious”.

There’s the Muslim guy who was detained by the cops for filming in the Melbourne CBD (read his account over the The Drum if you read nothing else; it’s mildly terrifying).
There’s that mosque in far north Queensland that was vandalised, that mosque in Brisbane that was vandalised, those Muslim ladies in Queensland being told to “fuck off back to your own country” and having coffee thrown on them, and that carload of white guys on the Gold Coast who threatened to behead a brown person in the street because they thought he was Muslim (seriously, Queensland, you are not covering yourself in glory on this one).
There’s the guy who walked into an Islamic school in Sydney armed with a knife, forcing children to be locked inside their classrooms and hide under their desks.
There’s the spat-upon mum, the kicked baby’s pram, the vandalised car and the pig’s head on a spike — the pig’s head on a spike — that have been reported in WA. There’s the rape and death threats being made against Muslim women, and the indifference it’s been met with.”

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